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Mobile Veterinarian in Georgetown, Wa


Georgetown is the kind of place where community really takes the lead. Small businesses thrive alongside quirky culture and artistic flair.

It’s the kind of place where emerging artists and small families can go to cash in on quiet spaces and green parks, all while within a short drive of the city. It’s also the kind of place where careers are taking shape and businesses are being built. Time is a commodity that we can never have enough of. The question of what can we feasibly fit into the day is major, and unfortunately, this also means making concessions on what can wait. Our furry and feathered friends often end up on the losing end of our scheduling conflicts. Getting a pet to see a veterinarian for a wellness check or vaccinations seems taxing when it comes to scheduling an appointment on a day off or on a lunch break.

Mobile Veterinarian in Georgetown

While we can’t help with scheduling time for seeing your favorite band play for the third time, we can help in scheduling time for your pet to see a veterinarian! There’s no longer a need to drag your pet to the vet, or lose sleep trying to find a time when getting to the vet doesn’t seem like an insurmountable chore. Using a mobile veterinarian in Georgetown, Wa will ensure that your pet gets the healthcare they need, while you get the sleep and peace of mind you need.

Finding a mobile veterinarian in Georgetown, Wa offers you the ability to get your veterinary needs met, all from the comfort of your own home. What’s better, it’s not just you that’s comfortable, your pet is too! Mobile veterinary care provides wellness checks to monitor your pet’s health and offer care and preventative tips to keep them healthy. Other services commonly included are vaccinations, examinations for acute issues, diagnostics, and quality of life assessments. Need a travel certificate for your pet? No problem! A mobile veterinarian can help with that too! Where standard wellness or non-emergency check-ups may have been unmanageable before, mobile veterinary services allow you to slide in those essential health musts to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life.

Not convenient enough? Mobile veterinary care from Montgomery Mobile offers several highly recommended prescription diets, as well as numerous prescription medications. Patients of the vet can also use the site to order medications, so everything you need for a healthy, happy pet is at your fingertips. Pet ownership just got so much easier!

Mobile Veterinarian in Georgetown

If you’re looking for a mobile veterinarian in Georgetown, Wa, check out Dr. Montgomery by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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