Home Euthanasia ($250)

-Dr. Montgomery has several years of experience providing compassion and kindness, to owners dealing with difficult end of life decisions
-Transportation of your pet following the euthanasia is available.

After Care ($125 - $250)

-Cremations are performed at a licensed/EPA-approved crematory, in Western Washington

-Communal Cremation: $125

  • A communal cremation occurs with other beloved pets.  The ashes are scattered in the foothills of the beautiful cascades.  No ashes are returned to owner.

-Private Cremation: $250

  • With private cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned within 2-3 weeks.    Private cremains are returned in a quality iron maus urn or a cherry wood box.  A nameplate for the cherry wood box is available upon request.

Resting Waters Funeral Home for Pets

Resting Waters is a full service pet funeral home located in West Seattle.  They offer aquamation, also referred to as water-cremation.  Memorial and funeral services, viewings and aquamation witnessing are available.  They also are in close contact with talented artisans that can create sculptures with mineral bone ash, jewelry as well as photography and fine arts to capture your fondest memories.  

Prices range from $175 to $375 for individual aquamation.