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Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian In Shoreline, WA


You might have seen our mobile veterinarian van around town in Shoreline, it’s pretty hard to miss. A little bit of those teal skies and a whole lot of beautiful mountains and trees painted on the side to reflect the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

We’re Montgomery Mobile, your friendly mobile veterinarian ready to help you with all your pet’s medical needs.

Choosing A Mobile Veterinarian In Shoreline, WA

You might be wondering to yourself what sort of services you can really expect out of a portable clinic. After all, just how big are those test machines and lab benches you assume are in the mysterious ‘back room’ of the vet’s office? Can you get everything you need from one of these?

Our mobile veterinarian provides you with most of the services you’d find at any brick-and-mortar clinic in Shoreline, WA. Wellness exams? Check. Vaccinations from the newest virus making the rounds in the area? Of course. If you’ve got a great pet who just doesn’t love the vet’s office (can you blame them?) or a busy schedule that doesn’t have a ton of space for squeezing in yet another errand, consider having the vet come to you!

And it’s not just limited to preventative care, either. If your animal needs special care or is managing a long-term illness, Montgomery Mobile has you covered. With everything from blood work to skin cytologies, your pet’s disease management can be done in the comfort of your own home. No more carrying your arthritic dog to the car for an uncomfortable ride or stuffing a very unhappy diabetic cat into a carrier.

Are there some things our van doesn’t have? Absolutely. Like many clinics, we don’t have an x-ray machine. How many times have you driven to the clinic only to be told you have to go to yet another one just to get imaging done? Been there, done that. We also don’t carry every prescription your pet may need (though we keep many of the common ones on hand). But unlike a traditional vet clinic, if we’re out of something, you get to pick it up at the pharmacy of your choice.

So the next time you see our van, just think about how much easier your life could be having the vet come to you instead of bringing your pet to the vet. If you’re located in Shoreline, WA and would like to explore the benefits of a mobile veterinarian, please feel free to contact Montgomery Mobile.

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